Once the rush of the proposal is done, the time comes to plan the wedding and with setting the date, choosing the guests, choosing a venue, and deciding on a menu, the last thing any engaged couple will want is to worry about is hiring the wrong wedding DJ for the big day. When a couple begin to look for their dream DJ, it is important to ask the right questions to make sure that they are the right fit for the event and the right person for the couple. There are a few tips that can help any couple find the right DJ for their dream-wedding day.

A Passion for Music

The first question a couple will want to ask is why the DJ chose their profession to get a feel for how passionate they are and to see what types of music they favor over others. This question will provide an insight to see if the DJ is the right fit and whether their musical preferences match those of the engaged couple. A good DJ will play music that will make the newlyweds happy regardless of their own personal preference and extend that courtesy to the guests as well. It will also help to ask the DJ about his or her previous experience in weddings to find out what sort of background they have.

A Backup Plan

Every bride has nightmares about something going wrong on their big day and luckily, most worry needlessly, but in the case of the wedding DJ, the couple should be sure to ask what onsite backup plans they have in case the worst should happen. It can also be a good idea to ask about assistants the DJ may have. Despite the extra cost, the bride can rest assured that the equipment will be set up in a timely manner so the DJ is not the one thing that delays the wedding and an assistant is also useful just in case the DJ wants a drink, to use the bathroom, or to go onto the dance floor to teach the guests some new moves so the music does not have to stop.

Their Unique Style

Some DJs have a set list of songs for their events, which could mean that songs the newlyweds are not fond of may come out during dinner or the reception. An ideal DJ will allow the couple to customize the lists according to what they want and will label each list according to the ceremony needs. Asking a DJ for a sample of their mic voices will give the couple an idea of whether he or she are the right fit for their wedding or if they have an announcer voice that is unsuitable for the atmosphere. Finally, the couple will want to decide whether they want an active DJ who comes out on the dance floor to teach some move or if they want someone who will simply stand behind the table to play the music.

When planning a wedding, the music can be the most important part of the ceremony and it is important to make sure that the DJ hired is the right fit for the job. By checking their passion for the career, asking about backup plans, and discovering their unique style, the couple can shift through DJs until they find the right one for their special day. Once a DJ and the engaged couple are found to be compatible, the wedding is sure to follow and become just as wonderful and magical as it can possibly be.

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