There can be few human experiences more beloved than listening to music. Pundits may say that money makes the world go around but, in reality, it’s music that unites and excites us. Scientists will even tell you that music can not only lift your spirits but can actually change your molecular structure. It’s almost impossible to imagine an event without the entertainment of music. Picture a wedding, a birthday party, or a fashion show being held in silence. It simply would fall flat and wouldn’t have any of the atmosphere that a backtrack of music would provide. Even funerals need music to create an ambience of both respect and appreciation for a life well led. In fact, the choice of music is what sets the tone of a function.

Meeting with an event planner

When you start putting together an event, it’s a good idea to partner with a professional. There are so many details and eventualities that need to be considered, and it can often be a virtually full-time job. When you’re investing a lot of money, you’ll want to ensure that you get the experience you deserve. One of the first things a planner will do is to discuss the music for the event, as this is often what makes or breaks an event. Getting your professional DJ or band booked early will be most important.

Planning your event entertainment

There are numerous different types of events and just as many different genres of music. When planning your function, you need to be very clear about the atmosphere you’re trying to create, and how you will tie music in with this. You will need to have professional help as it’s unlikely that you’ll have the equipment to handle this on your own. During a consultation you’ll be able to explain the theme of the event and get input and advice on the type of music that should be played and the timing of the entire event.

One of the biggest problems with music at any function is when the equipment isn’t suitable for the venue. Having a professional show of sound and light makes everything seem seamless and well-rehearsed and you become immersed in the experience. However, the moment a PA system isn’t adequate or starts to squeak and give feedback, this is all the audience is able to focus on. It’s a great pity that some events are planned to perfection down to the last detail and are then spoiled by having poor sound and faulty staging. It’s for this reason that you may want to check on the past track record of your professional partner, along with the comments from previous clients, as this will be vital in creating the right ambiance for your event.

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