When you have entertainment at any event it will bring in more people, especially if the entertainment is music. Currently, creativity for events is becoming an essential necessity toward the outcome of an event. Most people are finding it to be a difficult task to come up with something spectacular on their own that is why they lean toward getting assistance from others such as specialists that are within the entertainment industry. Most running events will draw a large audience for many reasons like watching to see how many runners succeed to the finish line, the live DJ and to cheer on a loved one if they are involved in the event. If you are seeking entertainment for an upcoming running event then perhaps you should contact a reputable and dependable company that offers 5K entertainment in Rockland, NY.

An Experienced DJ Can Provide Event Entertainment

By choosing an experienced company that has a variety of services and packages to offer you, then you know you are in good hands. Their management team will discuss with you what you can expect at an upcoming marathon from their qualified and exceptional DJ’s. Beginning at the pre-start of a race a DJ will keep the music light and upbeat from hits thru the decade. Then when the horn is blown a DJ will start to play all the hottest and latest hits, which can consist of a wide selection of music from the top 40’s to the classics. Their main purpose is to inspire, energize and motivate the runners.

Packages Include the Following:

  • Start Line to Finish Line with PA Systems, Speakers, and Microphones with Live DJ
  • Festival Line: PA System, Speakers and Microphones with Live DJ
  • On Course with DJ’s: PA System, Speakers and Microphones with Live DJ
  • PA Systems: PA Systems with CD Players and iPods Available but no DJ
  • Pop Tents and Silent Honda Generators offered with each Package
  • Additional Equipment Is available Upon Request

Planning Events are Exciting when you hire a Management Team to Help

You will not mind planning and preparing another running event when you have an experienced and devoted management team assisting you from beginning to end. They will be there to advice you and make sure that a running event is a success. An experienced and talented DJ will keep runners energized and the crowd amazed at the music that is played during a marathon. A DJ that is artistic and gets involved with a crowd to keep them entertained is one to have around at any event.

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